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ask fubar
ask blog for the character bertholdt fubar from shingeki no kyojin! There will be spoilers, so beware.
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It’s been about 13 months since I’ve created this blog and I just want to say a big ass THANKS


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Q____________Q oh my goddddddd i can’t believe it’s been a YEAR… 

Anonymous sent:

Hello Fai! I'm curious about your opinion on ask blogs-- Do you feel that running ask-fubar has/had helped you improve your art skills?


Definitely yes! I actually started my ask-fubar blog on a whim, and I’m sooo glad I did. I think I improved a lot through that blog, especially in certain areas. 

I think the main aspect that I improved upon was speed. Followers don’t want an ask blog that updates once in a blue moon. They want regular updates, which means I had to be able to churn answers out pretty fast at a regular pace. I’m the type to not be very self-motivated - I need some kind of incentive, and the ask blog was perfect for constantly providing some sort of inspiration and requiring me to act upon it! I think speed is actually a very important skill to have, because the more speed you have, the more you can draw, and the more you draw, the more you’ll improve. Aside from just how fast I draw, I figured out how to effectively use shortcuts and techniques to reduce busy work, and learned how to pace myself.

Another aspect of my art that really benefited from the ask blog was the ability to tell a story… basically, I learned how to make more comic-like drawings. There will be many ask blogs for the same character, and many of the same types of questions will come in, so I felt that it was important to make my answers unique. It was a great creative exercise in first brainstorming an idea, planning it out and then realizing it. Comics are hard to do and it’s easy to lose motivation in the middle of doing it, but the ask blog provided enough fun and obligation to keep me going. Also, comics might require you to draw poses/expressions that you might not have considered drawing otherwise, so of course it’s more great practice.

This got pretty long, but the gist is that doing an ask blog will require you to draw more, and it will be worth it because it is also very rewarding - I can only speak from my experience, but my followers were really great and fun to interact with in character. More importantly, the SNK ask blog community was amazingly supportive and interactive. Whenever new ask blogs cropped up, everyone would step up and promote them to give them exposure or drop a few asks in their box just to get them going. It was a great time, and I met a lot of amazing people through it!

A word of caution - the only thing that should hold you back from doing an ask blog is if you’re really busy. It takes commitment! Which is why I haven’t been able to keep up with ask fubar and put it on hiatus. If you love a fandom and are willing to choose a character(s) and pick up a pen to draw some responses, then go for it.

Anonymous sent:

okay but thoughts on eren

he makes me nervous

sachiko-shinozaki-666 sent:

Is your sisters name Bertella Fubaretta

My sister wouldn’t have a different last name than me… 

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